Foundation "Esperanza"


"Our commitment to service is reflected in the welfare of the community"

It was born in 2003 because of the need to help people with low economic resources, as a non-profit institution.

The pastor of the Catholic Church, Monsignor Néstor Herrera, Bishop Emeritus of Machala, with the support of the group of banana producers Probanaexpor, created the Esperanza Foundation, an organization made up of people who share their feelings of love for their neighbor and join their longings for the benefit of the most deprived people.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the doctors, the work of nurses, administrative and services staff, the hospital continues to provide a dignified attention.

The donations from Probanaexpor, Asoagribal, the Andean Development Corporation through the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, the Diocese of Munich, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, among others, we have operating rooms, respirators, monitors in the intensive care unit, clinical analysis laboratory, respiratory therapy, ultrasound, x-ray, ambulance, electrocardiogram


Day by day we work as a team to offer quality non-profit service to the family and the community, through a secondary health care system in the different specialties.

Contribute to health education and prevention services to the user, and constantly update the knowledge of the staff, services and infrastructure, in order to guarantee patients the best care..


Being the best health institution, non-profitable in the country, which offers top quality services.


Solidarity, honesty, respect and loyalty are our work values.

We seek to establish a relationship based on trust with the community where the moral and ethical principles are imperative to provide warm, optimum and timely attention



For convenience of our community we have an ambulance and community pharmacy with medicines at low cost.


We believe that a helping hand and dedication to service can positively change the lives of many people. Taking care of most community needs is the engine that feeds our faith to continue with the constant work.