Founded in the year 2009, Asociación de Agricultores Bananeros del Litoral ASOAGRIBAL was born from Productores Bananeros y Exportadores ASOAGRIBAL C. LTDA, which was created in March, 1982 and became one of the most important fruit suppliers in the country, with 35 years of experience.

ASOAGRIBAL is conformed by associated banana producers, who consolidate their fruit and export fresh bananas with the highest quality bananas, to different markets around the world.

The experience accumulated over the years has allowed us to improve continuously the management of the supply chain, giving us the opportunity to trade worldwide leading brands in the market as DOLE, BONITA, DEL MONTE, CHIQUITA, among others. Since 2008, our group of producers is exporting to Japan with the brand PROBA, through ASOAGRIBAL, and since 2011 through ASOAGRIBAL.

The farms of our producers have GLOBAL GAP certification, ensuring the banana quality for our customers, and we are always innovating by getting new certifications and agricultural practices, giving a value added to our product.


Being a benchmark producer and marketer association of bananas with a working system focused on export quality, social responsibility and preserving the environment.


Consolidate as leaders in the production and marketing of bananas, dynamics responsible work, getting involved in each part of the processes in order to meet the needs of our clients.



PROBANAEXPOR C. LTDA was created in 1982 by a group of visionary farmers in order to contribute to banana industry development in Ecuador. With the aim of providing high standards of quality its activities are based on aerial spraying and the provision of agricultural inputs for producers.

It also has a technical team, responsible for providing continuous advice to its clients.

Benefits offered by Probana:

  • License for Operation by Government
  • Provides high quality products
  • Technical permanent advice.
  • Competitive prices