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We count with a sustainable farming area of about 5.100 hectares. The plantations of our producers are located in the provinces El Oro, mainly, Guayas and Los Rios, which have tropical privileged climate suitable for banana production.

Cut and Packing


All tasks are supervised by qualified technicians.

We do weekly shipments during all the year, by selecting the fruit for its age verified through colored ribbons.

Protection methods as bagging, cutting off bottom banana hands from the bunch known as deschive, taking out the infecting source from the banana leaves, surgery, children diversion from plants and the use of protectors, are essential for an excellent quality fruit.



All plantations are equipped with advanced technology, as sprinkler system, via cables for fruit transportation to the packing houses; primary, secondary and tertiary drains, courtyards bunches.



The associated producers have 30 trucks and 70 containers that facilitate the transport of fruit from the plantations to the shipping ports.



Our processes are Guaranteed

In order to provide greater confidence to customers about production processes, cutting and packing, with high standards of quality, minimal environmental impact and safety of agricultural workers, our farms are GLOBAL GAP certified.

Also, one of our producers has an organic certified farm, so that we have the organic certification for export this fruit. Moreover, certain farms will get soon the Rainforest Alliance certificate.



The main destinations of our fruit are: Mediterranean countries, Japan and the United States.

Agricultural – Phytosanitary Control


We have our technical department, who studies and implements nutrition and phytosanitary programs for optimal development of the plantations, performing periodic laboratory analysis and previous tests of the products we use on farms. We are always ensuring the use of safe and friendly products with environment.



Staff training is one of our main policies, so we can develop employee´s skills and abilities encouraging continuous knowledge updating.

Social Responsability


Our partners are part of the Esperanza Foundation, which administrates the Clinic Hospital Esperanza, whose mission is to offer society a quality non-profit service, through a system of secondary health care in the different specialties.

Contribution to the Environment


We are immersed in integrated production systems operations which allow the coexistence of our crops and biodiversity, preserving this way the natural resources of the area.

We irrigate our crops with river water and the same time we protect the natural course of rivers cross near the farms.

In some plantations, the water used in the cutting process is subjected to a purification process and becomes part of the pools for the consumption of tilapia by the employees and their families.

We have a protection program timberland; one covers a perimeter of 60 hectares and one of our producers preserves an area of 700 hectares primary forest providing oxygen to the Earth.